On Auditing

I am passingly familiar with an investor and online presence who is a regular poster on some forums and social media websites that I use. She/he/it uses a nom de plume, never has anything constructive to say, and the things that she/he/it does say are usually designed to reinforce his/her/its (i suspect manufactured) persona as an investing genius and somebody that other people should listen to. This type of character is not unusual in the investing world.

Even so, I never miss a chance to mentally rag it for its asinine comments and recently, it has created a website with a record showing a portfolio of shares that it has bought and held over the past few years. It is a bizarre list of shares, albeit with very attractive returns despite a couple of losers, and I suspect that the list is largely the invention of hindsight. I shared it with a colleague whose first comment was ‘nice record, not audited though.

And you know, I felt very smug for all of about 7 seconds, until I realised I was engaged in exactly the same venture, trying to create a track record on the internet with no proof. Suffice to say I’m a little more sanguine about old mate’s portfolio now.

At some functional level, investing is all about trust and I have decided to fall back on that old rule ‘trust, but verify‘. Since I do not have to rely on old mate for any reason whatsoever – and its success or failure is of no consequence to me – I am happy to trust its record.

In other news I expect to be publishing an explanation of my 2nd purchase this weekend, and I already have a 3rd company on the radar!  I have also been given a tip on a tiny small-cap that I am in the process of investigationing. I am still getting some cash together though so I am not sure if either of these opportunities will still be around when the time comes to buy.

Still, I’ve been twiddling my thumbs for about 6 months grumbling about how few opportunities there seem to be, and I start writing this blog and find 3 opportunities in 3 weeks. Maybe that’s a sign that I wasn’t looking hard enough. More to come soon.

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