10foot goes to IPO

This will no doubt come as a surprise to many readers, but I have some fantastic news. We are about to embark on a global roadshow in preparation for a 10foot IPO.

10footinvestor is a unique digital property in an era of rapid growth in online interactions. Old-line businesses like fund managers and in-person financial advisers are increasingly seeing fees and FUM eroded by new competitors quicker to embrace 21st-century tools of customer engagement. 10foot has the ability to bridge the gap between financial advice and funds management, providing a bespoke, authentic solution to clients increasingly disillusioned by the mechanical approach to customer turnover employed by rent-seeking financial firms.

Our investment banking partners, Greedspin Corp, currently expect to achieve a $40 million equity valuation for the 10foot properties, with ability to scale for oversubscription. Investors have a golden opportunity to get in on the ground floor of one of 2017’s most promising start-ups, with unicorn growth potential:

  • Founder-led startup with low-cost mentality
  • Email subscriptions growing at 12,300%* annually
  • Twitter impressions up 981%*
  • Expecting to report up to $1m EBITDA** in first full year excluding IPO expenses
  • Two initial earnings streams via the blog and security selection/ portfolio management services
  • Expect to synergise our paradigms to develop highly scalable growth and,
  • Three key growth opportunities in the future; digital influencers, outsourced portfolio management services, and a possible expansion into providing subscription recommendation services for retail investors
  • Portfolio lead by long-term oriented management, history of outperforming the ASX200 Index (ASX: XJO) by more than 1.7% per annum* (after fees) since inception
  • Ability to partner with portfolio companies like Crowd Mobile (ASX: CM8) to drive digital engagement and source additional revenue
  • Expect to lower costs even further in 2nd year post-IPO via introduction of a competitive tender process for server hosting and ancillary services

*annualised     **assuming full $40m in subscription

With the developing boom in Australia’s superannuation and wealth management industry, 10foot is an exciting new entrant*** in a $9.5 trillion growth industry that is increasingly looking for new products and an authentic brand image that resonates with investors. We expect to further build our brand via our blog and by meeting the nascent demand from the fund management industry for dynamic up-and-coming managers with a long-term time frame. Initial investments from partner investors**** will have the added benefit of heightening interest in our digital communication strategy, which in turn will lead to more investor interest, creating a virtuous cycle or ‘flywheel’ that is forecast***** to deliver rapid growth in revenues and profits over the next decade.

***10foot does not currently hold an Australian Financial Services License    ****10foot is currently a pre-revenue company    *****source: Greedspin Advisory special report, 2017

Over the next two weeks we’ll be holding investor roadshows in Szeged, Timbuktu, La Habana, Aalborg, Montserrat, and Jakarta, at which interested investors can hear more about our growth opportunities and will have the opportunity to attend a ‘meet and greet’ and ask questions of management. Refreshments will be provided. We look forward to hearing from you.

And if you believe all that, I have a $40 million IPO I’d like to sell you…

I own shares in Crowd Mobile. This is a disclosure and not a recommendation.

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  1. 10Foot,

    This sounds like an exciting opportunity. However I thought Stanley Churn had hung up his boots?

    Crown Mobile (see portfolio listing) seems to be the way to go for this innovative approach of yours. Who is the lucky ex Polly to be the Chairman of your new listing? And does he/she (oops that’s now a PIC expression) support a No or a Yes? There are just so many questions that need to be asked. Given the fortunate countries you have decided to hold the roadshow in, does this mean I can at long last get some international exposure by subscribing to the float. Gee I wish Pierpoint (spelling?) was here to assist me with my deliberations.

    I will ensure I have a glass of claret in hand when your epistle arrives.

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