This blog is for my own entertainment and record keeping purposes. I am not a licensed investment advisor. I am not covered by an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). I cannot provide financial advice or suggestions of any kind, and you should not view my articles (on any topic) as recommendations or a complete reflection of my thoughts or beliefs.

I make no guarantees that information on this site will be accurate, and it is subject to change without warning. No information on this website should be relied upon in any way.

For the next few years I will be constructing a real money portfolio to test my investing skills. Although I will be writing about real shares that I have bought and sold, my trades should not be seen as any sort of recommendation – I am neither qualified, nor licensed to recommend investments. I do love a good chat about investment, so feel free to drop by with any tips, suggestions, feedback, advice, good jokes, or anything at all – just be aware that I can’t provide anything that could be construed as financial advice.

Now with regards to my share trades, there is obvious potential for an unscrupulous writer to manipulate the audience or pump shares. As a result I have set some rules on myself with regards to when I trade:

Trading and disclosure rules:

I will not write about any share that I own within 7 calendar days before or after trading it. I will hold any share that I buy for a minimum of 1 calendar month from the time the purchase is made, not from the time I write about it – except in the case of company fraud or other serious circumstances like a medical emergency.

When I mention a company’s name, I will disclose at the bottom of the article if I hold shares in it.

I will not update old posts so if you are reading those, my disclosure may be out of date. You can always find the up-to-date version of my holdings on the Portfolio page, here.

I will keep secret the companies I am buying until after I have bought them, and won’t write about them until at least 7 days later, in line with the above rule.

I will always try to mention in a blog post when I am selling shares and why I am selling. I.e., I will try to write a post and then sell 7+ days later, in line with the above rule. However, in circumstances such as the discovery of company fraud or if the shares are thinly traded (or an unforeseeable event like a medical emergency), I will prioritise my portfolio and sell first and write about it later. I mentioned earlier that my trades are not recommendations, but I say again here, if you follow me in and out of companies, you do so at your own risk.

Why is this the longest disclaimer ever..?

I apologise if this seems a bit pedantic. There is a popular fund manager that hypes stocks they buy in their blog, but doesn’t notify readers when they change their mind/ are proven wrong and exit those shares. Thus their viewers, household investors with limited experience who are attracted to this manager for their shtick of making investing understandable, are often blindsided by heavy falls in the value of shares they’ve bought.

I think this is a weak practice, so I want to be very sure I have explained in clear-cut terms the way I will act with regards to this blog. I note that the above fund could easily (and probably does) claim the ‘this is general advice only and not a recommendation‘ excuse but in my opinion there is a distinct difference between what is legally acceptable and what is right – I am aiming to achieve both.

These rules will cover all trades, but I have not factored in possible short-selling, as I do not currently plan to short sell. Should that change, or should I become aware of any flaws in my disclosure process, I will update my disclosure rules on this page.

Having said all that, I hope that you enjoy 10footinvestor. You can contact me at 10footinvestor@gmail.com if you have any queries, or if you are uncertain about things that are not included in my disclaimer.