What is a 10 foot investor? 

The name comes from a time when I was looking at companies that might be described as ‘colourful’. They had asymmetric payoffs (with a larger downside) and unquantifiable risks – the outsider, regardless of skill level, had no idea of the types of risk these companies were taking. The risks themselves were asymmetric too; it would only take a small amount, say 5%, of the business going bad to completely bork the company.

Needless to say I did not invest, but I was running my thoughts past a friend who admonished me ‘Remember what Buffett says? We look for 1 or 2 foot hurdles, not 10 foot hurdles.‘  That was a mis-quote, with Warren Buffett originally saying: “I don’t try to jump over 7-foot hurdles: I look for 1-foot hurdles that I can step over.” Either way, a point well taken.

However, I have an intellectual attraction to these ’10 foot hurdles’, they are one of the things that keeps me hooked on investing. Thus the name ’10 Foot Investor’ serves both as a reminder of the perils associated with such investing, and a unique signifier that reflects the type of investing that I enjoy. I like figuring things out.

What is this blog about? 

Despite the name, you won’t read too many 10-foot investment cases here. It is too easy to legitimise a zany investment idea – much like a sensationalist media report – by giving it room to breathe, when truthfully most such things (media and complex investments both) should be left on the shelf.

I am writing this blog as a record of my investment process while I attempt to beat the market with my portfolio over the next 5 years. I will write routinely about why I’m buying certain companies, and not buying other ones.

I will also write occasionally about politics and other things as they take my fancy. I like an underdog story and I also think that playing ‘devil’s advocate’ is an important part of a rational thought process. Thus, you should not take anything that I may write as my true and complete opinion.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoy 10foot investor.


Unfortunately in this day and age, even a humble blogger needs a disclaimer. Please read mine here.

2 Replies to “About”

  1. Love your style….that’s writing style and investment style.
    If you’re looking for singles, CMI and GOW are very safe pats into the gap in the covers. PNC and AQZ may well give you an opportunity to safely turn for two. QIN is a more adventurous up and over…a probable four over five years, maybe even clear the boundary. PSZ is in horrible form ATM and not worthy of selection, but is now under a new coach and with an exciting plan. It could take command of the very exciting growth area of cyber crime.
    Damien Parker

    1. Gday Damien, thanks for your kind words – love the cricket analogies! I may have to borrow some… As to stocks, I’m a bit wary of QIN at the moment with Glaucus accusing them of being a Ponzi scheme. I’m not averse to going long against short sellers but in a situation like that I would have to be 130% certain I’d done my research, and I haven’t. Thanks for the tips on PSZ, GOW, and CMI, I haven’t looked at PSZ since it was around $1, and Gowing only briefly. I will follow up on your suggestions, and who knows, if I buy you might read about it in a few weeks 😉

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