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  • 10foot Scuttlebutt: February 2018 edition - Back with another version of scuttlebutt, some stuff I've seen or thought recently. I am particularly keen to get thoughts and opinions on alternative investments & the UK fin services sector. Buffett buys Teva Has Warren lost the plot? He's bought a stake in Teva Pharmaceuticals which has an at EV/EBITDA of 12ish and something
  • The Greatest Business On Earth - I have discovered what I believe to be literally the best business on Earth. Facebook?  Google?  Alibaba?  Fraud manufacturing? Nup. It's the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) corporate database, ASIC Connect.  This thing is a moneymaking machine. Let me put this to you. Zero customer acquisition and marketing costs - if you need a corporate report,
  • Getswift: Data Talks, Bullshit Walks - The title of this piece comes from an interview with Getswift (ASX:GSW) executive chairman Bane Hunter.  He's spot on: Hunter has a clear message for all startup founders seeking US investment: “Data talks, bullshit walks,” he says.  He advises founders to “be conservative and over deliver” when speaking to investors, because “everything you say is going to
  • A lengthy screed on Tower Limited - I'm revealing my undisclosed 10th purchase a little sooner than expected: It's Tower Insurance Limited (ASX: TWR). I expect a 3-5 year holding period from here, subject to business performance. Conditions are also not quite as favourable as I had hoped for, so I have taken a smaller position with a view to increasing if a better


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