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  • Sale #9: Sold Oliver’s Real Foods - I've sold Oliver's Real Foods (ASX: OLI), hopefully not permanently, but I've seen a few things that made me uncomfortable. In a nutshell it appears to me as though this company is being managed for the short term, not a lifetime. The original thesis went like this: Oliver's has great niche and underserved customers, minimal competition
  • Sell #5: Sold Crowd Mobile - I've sold my stake in Crowd Mobile (ASX:CM8). The thesis broke. I wrote this piece prior to the half year result, so info from the half year was not factored into my sale decision. Originally Crowd was priced at 5x-ish cash flow and I figured they'd have debt paid down in a ~year. Given the
  • Big Trouble In Big Un - I am totally staggered by this BIG situation, but I'm late to this story. Although I thought the Tipsly transaction was unusual, I didn't pick any problems with BIG and in fact I had a hard look at its books late last year and I couldn't see any obvious warning signs. So I did not
  • 10foot Scuttlebutt: February 2018 edition - Back with another version of scuttlebutt, some stuff I've seen or thought recently. I am particularly keen to get thoughts and opinions on alternative investments & the UK fin services sector. Buffett buys Teva Has Warren lost the plot? He's bought a stake in Teva Pharmaceuticals which has an at EV/EBITDA of 12ish and something


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